About Us

We are the leading provider of non-education services to schools in Birmingham. Working in true mutual partnership is paramount and the work is purposeful because it has a positive impact on the children of Birmingham and the communities in which schools are located. As there are no shareholders or investors to please, any surplus generated is retained within our City and returned for benefit the children of Birmingham, making CITYSERVE a real alternative to the private sector.

Dale Wild Head of Service

A senior and regarded business leader with over 25 years in Executive Management in the catering industry, Dale has developed and implemented a successful regeneration strategy for CITYSERVE since joining the team in 2014. Dale’s customer focussed vision has put students and schools at the very heart of our mission.

Dale Guest Business Manager

A member of the Chartered Institute of Management, Dale brings 30 years’ experience to the management team, and leads on all aspects of ‘back-office’ administration. Responsible for all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility with a background in regeneration, Dale represents CITYSERVE on many expert panels including the NHS Healthy Villages Programme and the Child Obesity Strategy.

Derek Price Revenue & Operations

Derek is responsible for financial management and operational delivery across our portfolio of schools and shares leadership of our team of 12 strong Client Managers. Derek is proud to have been involved with CITYSERVE for over 15 years, and brings a depth of business leadership and enthusiasm.

Cheryl Rudge Revenue & Operations

Cheryl is responsible for operational delivery and excellence across our portfolio of schools and shares leadership of our team of 12 strong Client Managers.
With over 25 years in Facilities Management with major multi-national companies delivering to both the public and private sectors, Cheryl brings a wealth of diverse managerial experience to CITYSERVE.

Wayne Edge Head Chef

A fully qualified chef with over 25 years in the commercial and contract catering industry, Wayne is responsible for delivering excellent quality, nutritious and compliant food across our partner schools, aspiring to a minimum of Food for Life Silver later this year; His focus on developing our Catering Supervisors into Chef Managers will ensure the schools and students of Birmingham get the very best in cuisine and service.

Brian Cape Business & Service Development

In a career of 30 years in banking operations, business development and lottery funding, Brian has substantial leadership experience. Responsible for all aspects of business development and growth, Brian leads the City Kitchen food innovation team, business retention and growth strategy, people development and communications, marketing and branding.