Eating in school should be a pleasurable experience; time spent sharing good food with peers and teachers. At CITYKITCHEN by CITYSERVE, we understand the importance of healthy eating from a young age when we all develop taste and choice preferences.

As childhood obesity continues to rise, we take our responsibility to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of students very seriously. We also understand that eating a healthy nutritious meal is important in maintaining concentration and helping to contribute towards an excellent learning environment.

By creating healthy, nutritious meals, CITYSERVE is able to positively influence students’ perceptions of food and taste. Healthy eating is a continuous theme throughout all of our menus and we are committed to the wellbeing of the students of Birmingham.

Our class-leading, innovative Development Kitchen - CITYKITCHEN LIVE! in the heart of Birmingham is a thriving environment, which allows our Chefs and pupils to come together to learn about nutrition. Students create new food concepts, recipes and menus that they want, which we then make School Food Plan compliant;

We take all of their ideas into 'CITYKITCHEN LIVE!' where we develop recipes that are healthy, nutritious and tasty.


We use high-quality ingredients and our meals are freshly prepared on site.

Over 95% of our meals are cooked fresh onsite daily; We only buy the freshest of seasonal vegetables and produce, and we even 'hide' vegetables and pulses in meals to ensure maximum nutritional impact!

All ingredients sourced are of the highest quality, including Red Tractor Farm Assurance and Marine Stewardship Council compliance.

In line with Birmingham City Council’s Charter for Social Responsibility we place great emphasis on purchasing within a 30 mile school radius wherever possible. We do this to support the local economy, eliminate any adverse effects on freshness, flavour and nutrition, and reduce the impact of carbon emissions through ‘food miles’. A key element of our selection process around food miles is how suppliers use collaborative and partnership working practices with local producers to reduce miles.

We have been recognised for our commitment to ethical sourcing, receiving the Compassion in Farming “Good Egg” award for using free range eggs.


We don’t have a policy of ‘one-size-fits-all’ and our menu’s vary from school to school taking into account cultural tastes and dietary requirements. Understanding that not one school is the same, we give full control of the school menu to the students and their site catering leader. This is possible because we have a unique 'menu-matrix' with over 100 School Food Plan compliant base-options, with a mix/match to decide meat or vegetable content.


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Primary School Menu Example 1


Primary School Menu Example 2


Secondary School Menu Example