Who we are

    Providing Catering Consultancy Services

    Putting you in control

    We are Birmingham City Council’s award winning social catering business, providing fully staffed and serviced school meals facilities to hundreds of education faculties in the West Midlands.

    We exist solely to support the nutritional wellbeing of the region's students and we don't make profits from children. Unlike our private-sector competitors, we don’t make money for shareholders or owners - local citizens and customers are our stakeholders, and any surpluses generated are returned to the local authority for civic and social-use.

    We understand that not every school has the same requirements – many prefer to cater in-house, often facilitated by external consultants to ensure that procurement, menu development, finances, marketing, customer service and legislative compliance are all to a high-standard.

    We are delighted to extend our provision of support to schools that have the desire to manage their catering service in-house or require the services of professional advice and practical hands on support. Whether it’s for peace of mind, or to help free up invaluable school time - Welcome to Cityserve Select

    What can we do for you?

    Our aim is to make your job and your life much easier, whether you already cater in-house, or if you’re considering it, and we provide the following services:

    Food Purchasing

    We spend more than £12m a year on food which means that we will share with you our substantial discounted buying power – saving huge sums of money on carefully curated and ethically sourced product lines.

    We buy the freshest of seasonal vegetables and produce source product lines that meet Food for Life standards, are fully traceable and where possible, locally produced.

    Menu & Recipe Development

    We provide ‘off-the-shelf’ bi-annual, or bespoke school food compliant suites of menus which have been lovingly developed with the collaboration of students, in our state of the art Development Kitchen in the centre of Birmingham. Students are welcome to visit and create!

    Our team of Development Chefs can work individually with your students and catering teams to create the healthiest, most cost efficient and flavoursome of dishes to suit all tastes.


    We will ensure that all aspects of the service is legally compliant. We deliver our own cost-effective accredited in-house courses from Food Safety to Health & Safety and will assure you of the safety of your service. HACCP, COSHH and food labelling.

    We conduct regular site assessments and audits with feedback and remedial actions

    We work closely with Birmingham Environmental Health and can provide advice and guidance on gaining optimum ratings.
    Learning & Development

    We are an accredited Qualsafe Training Centre and we deliver in-house industry specific legislative and compliance training (eg. Food Safety Level 2) including EHO guidance

    We provide in-school and central Craft Chef skills training via our team of expert Development Chef’s

    All aspects of Customer Service and Unit/Business management training is available.

    We provide training on the implementation of LACA’s School Workforce Development Professional Standards.

    Other training available includes First Aid at Work, Safeguarding and Health & Safety.

    Service Optimisation

    We conduct formal reviews and benchmarking of existing service provision:

    Legislative compliance and qualitative standards.
    Skills audits
    Food presentation and service quality
    Resourcing optimisation & management
    Meals uptake and business planning

    Marketing & Branding

    We will help you develop contemporary branding – using our stylish ‘CityKitchen’ livery which can be made bespoke to your Service

    Our off-the-shelf campaigns, posters and displays are will ensure maximum take-up and ‘wow-factor’

    Financial Management

    We have access to and can facilitate the latest software to enable you to understand your catering business at a click.

    Interactive Ordering / Cashless Catering

    Our interactive ‘whiteboard’ ordering systems, combined with cash-less payments, means less administration time for the office and reduces food waste.

    Recruitment / HR

    We have an extensive HR advise provision and can help withal aspects of recruitment and performance management.

    Other Services include……

    Professional kitchen design, equipment purchasing and replacement, and much more. Just ask and we’ll find a solution. TAILOR MADE SUPPORT TO MATCH YOUR NEEDS

    Every school and business is different. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach and our experts will work with you to mix and match to create a package of competitively priced services that suit your requirements, ethos and budget.

    We have a team of true, passionate specialists, with hundreds of years’ professional and educational catering experience and we’ll be delighted to discuss your exact needs.

    We have the scale within the West Midlands to provide an exceptionally personal and highly competitive service & support package – built around your precise requirements.

    Most of all – you can trust us. We are a Local Authority service and aren’t motivated by profit – just the health and wellbeing of children.



    Please download our brochure: Cityserve Select Brochure and give us a call to discuss our limited introductory offers

    Contact Sophie Green, Contract Development Manager on 07864 926852